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Ownership of the site
The website https://www.buti-shop.it/ (hereinafter Website/Site) is owned by Birrificio Artigianale di Buti, with registered office in Via Danimarca, 3 - 56032 Cascine di Buti (PI) ITALY (hereinafter: "Birrificio di Buti"), and is aimed at selling products online.

Applicable regulations
The purchase and sale of products and services by electronic means is regulated by articles 45 to 67 "Consumer rights" of Legislative Decree no. 206 of 6 September 2005 (Consumer Code) and Legislative Decree no. 21 of 21 February 2014 on electronic commerce. The sales contract stipulated between the Customer and Birrificio di Buti will be regulated and interpreted in accordance with Italian law.

All distance contracts relating to the sale of goods entered into between Birrificio di Buti and the customer will be governed exclusively by the following General Terms and Conditions.

In addition to any other terms or expressions defined herein, the following terms and expressions shall have the following meaning: "consumer": any natural person who purchases (or agrees to purchase) goods from Birrificio di Buti, through the Birrificio di Buti online store, for purposes not related to his or her business or professional activity. "customer": any person (legal or natural) who purchases (or agrees to purchase) goods from Birrificio di Buti through the Birrificio di Buti online store, including consumers.


The publication of content on the official social profiles of Birrificio di Buti (Facebook, Istagram), also in the form of commentary, must comply with Italian laws, in particular with regard to the consumption of alcohol by minors, should therefore be avoided sharing with people whose age is not certain.

At the same time, please note that inappropriate comments or content will be removed without notice.

Acceptance of the general conditions of sale

By placing an order according to the various methods provided for on the Website, the Customer declares to have read all the information provided during the purchase procedure and to fully accept the general conditions of sale and payment transcribed below. These general conditions of sale, together with the conditions regarding the terms of delivery and payment of the goods, are an integral part of the sales contract concluded between the Customer and Birrificio di Buti. Therefore, Birrificio di Buti invites you to read these general conditions of sale carefully, print them or keep a copy.

Purchasing methods

The Customer may purchase the products visible at https://www.buti-shop.it/, illustrated on the homepage of the Website within the respective sections by product category, as described in the relevant information sheets. The products published on the Website may be:

  • "available", i.e. physically in stock and therefore, as such, can be ordered by the Customer;
  • "not available" in stock. In this case the product cannot be ordered by the Customer.

In order to make purchases it is necessary that the Customer is registered on the Site. When the purchase is made, the Customer has the possibility to choose the payment method he prefers. Acceptance of the order by Birrificio di Buti is confirmed by sending a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address communicated by the Customer when registering on the Site. Birrificio di Buti reserves the right, at its sole discretion, not to accept the order. The Customer undertakes to verify the correctness of the data in the order confirmation email and to promptly notify Birrificio di Buti of any errors or omissions. The order confirmation email contains the following data:

  • Order number and date
  • Product(s), quantity, price
  • Type of payment chosen
  • Cost of Transport
  • Total order amount

The customer can select a form of payment from the list of payment methods presented in the "Methods of Payment" section.

Restrictions for children under 18 years of age

Italian law prohibits the sale of alcohol to minors under 18 years of age.

  • The purchase can only be made by persons over eighteen years of age. buti-shop.it. is exempt from any liability in case of purchase by a person under eighteen years of age, who has provided false information regarding age or false information to purchase the goods and / or to access the data on the site. In any case, parents are directly responsible for the payment of the purchase made by children under eighteen years of age, without prejudice to the right of withdrawal guaranteed by law in the terms indicated in the specific paragraph.


  • The user assumes responsibility to declare correctly the possession of the legal requirements
  • Birrificio di Buti reserves the right to verify the correctness of the user's personal data and consequently refuse orders issued by minors.

Methods of payment

Available payment methods:

  • PayPal Pay easily and securely with your PayPal account.
  • Credit card: On our website you can pay conveniently by credit card through the PayPal intermediary. With payment by credit card, the invoice amount will be charged to your card immediately after the order confirmation.
  • Advance Bank Transfer The order amount will be easily transferred to our account. Only after receipt of payment will your order be processed! You will find all the information you need to make the advance payment immediately after the order confirmation. Please note that it is very important to indicate the order number as the reason for the order, so that we can classify and assign the payment to the exact order. Once payment has been received (depending on the bank, this may take up to 5 working days!), the order will be processed and can be shipped. The order cannot be dispatched until the money has been received. This means that until payment is received by our bank, the order will not be processed.

Please note: if you choose to pay in advance by bank transfer, the products will be booked only when the transfer arrives. It may therefore happen that at the time of the order all products are in stock, while at the time of arrival of the transfer one or more items are no longer available and therefore you will have to wait. If you are in a hurry to receive the goods we recommend that you order only products in stock and pay by credit card or Paypal.

Shipping and delivery

Birrificio di Buti only accepts orders that include delivery within the Italian territory.

Birrificio di Buti confirms acceptance of the order by sending an automatic summary e-mail to the e-mail address indicated by the Customer in the order. Birrificio di Buti prepares the goods contained in the order and entrusts it to the Courier with the original packaging or cardboard boxes properly sealed with adhesive tape. The time of entrusting to the Courier varies according to the payment method chosen and the availability of the product:

  • Credit card and PayPal: orders placed before 1.00 p.m. on Business Days are entrusted to the Courier within two working days after receipt of payment by Birrificio di Buti.
  • Bank Transfer: from the disposition of the bank transfer an average of 3/5 Working Days elapses before the amount is credited to the current account of Birrificio di Buti. All orders are sent to the Courier within two working days after receipt of payment by Birrificio di Buti.

Deliveries are made on working days, from Monday to Friday, not public holidays (hereinafter "Business Day(s)"). Hours are understood to be the hours included on Business Days. Delivery times of the Courier to the Customer's home are approximately 1-2 days in Northern and Central Italy, 2-3 days in Southern Italy, and are to be calculated starting from the order processing. In any case, they are to be considered approximate as they may be subject to variations due to force majeure, inconvenient traffic and road conditions, strikes or acts of the Authority. Delivery costs are to be borne by the Customer and are indicated in the section "Shipping costs" At the time of delivery of the goods by the Courier the Customer is required to check:

  • that the number of packages delivered corresponds to the number indicated in the Courier's accompanying document
  • that the packaging is undamaged, undamaged, wet or altered.

Once the Courier's transport document has been signed, the Customer will not be able to make any objection regarding the quantity and quality of the goods received. Delivery is made on Business Days from 08:30 to 18:00. In case of standard Delivery made by the Courier generally the first delivery is made without notice. If the Customer is absent, the Courier shall leave a notice of passage (coupon inside the mailbox or sticker on the doorbell) and retry delivery on the next Business Day. In case of further absence, the Customer shall be contacted directly by the Courier for the third attempt. If this delivery attempt is also unsuccessful, the Customer will be contacted by Birrificio di Buti staff to define a further delivery. If the fourth attempt is also unsuccessful, the product will be returned to Birrificio di Buti's warehouses with consequent cancellation of the order and subsequent reimbursement according to the payment method chosen. Warning: the bank transfer does not ensure immediate shipment! If you choose to pay in advance by bank transfer, the products will actually be booked only when the transfer arrives. It may therefore happen that at the time of the order all the products are in stock, while at the time of the arrival of the money one or more items are no longer available and therefore it will be necessary to wait. If you are in a hurry to receive the package we recommend that you only order products in stock and pay by credit card or paypal. With the shipment of the package, we also send you an email with the tracking code so you can follow your order in every movement! Check the status of your order at any time! Through the tracking code that you will receive by email when the package is shipped, you will be able to know its status and route! If you haven't received the email, check the spam, because sometimes it ends there! In rare cases, tracking is unfortunately not possible. If you haven't received any package within 3-4 days after it has been sent by us, we advise you to check its status with the tracking code. At certain times of the year, such as Christmas and August, the time to rely on the courier can be longer due to the holidays.

Shipping costs

Birrificio di Buti has chosen for most of the products the delivery with a single rate, for some categories of products the shipping costs are reset to zero in case of exceeding a fixed threshold generally indicated in the shopping cart page.

For other products instead, shipping costs depend on the weight of the goods ordered and the destination, and are automatically calculated on the checkout page once the destination has been entered. Unless otherwise agreed, the products will be delivered by Birrificio di Buti to the delivery address specified by the customer. If Birrificio di Buti will be unable to ship the chosen products because a supplier does not meet its contractual obligations, Birrificio di Buti may withdraw from the customer's order, we will inform you immediately. If a delivery to the customer has not been possible for various reasons:

  • Customer not available at the indicated address
  • Incorrect or incomplete address (e.g. no house number)

and although the package has been announced to the customer within a reasonable time, he will bear the shipping costs. The shipping costs are borne by the customer, as stated on the website. The shipping costs will be indicated both on the website and in the shopping cart. The cost of any special delivery procedures or special packaging required by the customer will be borne by the customer. Birrificio di Buti reserves the right to make partial shipments, unless this is unreasonable for the customer. Any additional shipping and packaging costs incurred due to partial deliveries will be borne by Birrificio di Buti. If Birrificio di Buti does not comply with the delivery terms, the customer shall only be entitled to terminate the contract once a reasonable additional period of time set by the customer for performance by Birrificio di Buti has elapsed without success. Birrificio di Buti shall be entitled to terminate the sales contract if one of its suppliers breaches its contractual obligation and does not supply Birrificio di Buti with the goods ordered in accordance with this contract. In this case, Birrificio di Buti will promptly inform the customer of the unavailability of the goods ordered and will promptly refund any payments already made by the customer. It is understood that, if the customer is a consumer, such payments must be refunded by Birrificio di Buti within and no later than 30 (thirty) days from the date the customer placed the order.

Right of withdrawal

Sales of products via the Internet are governed by the following articles from 45 to 67 of Legislative Decree 21/2014 (Consumer Code). This legislation provides the consumer with the right to withdraw from contracts or contractual proposals, guaranteeing him the right to return the product purchased and to obtain reimbursement of the expense incurred. The right of withdrawal does not apply to audiovisual products and sealed computer software products opened by the consumer, nor to sealed goods that are not suitable to be returned for hygienic or health protection reasons that have been opened after delivery or in the case of supply of products that are, after delivery, inseparably mixed with other goods. The Customer is responsible for the decrease in value of the goods resulting from handling other than that necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the products. The right of withdrawal is reserved exclusively to consumers (natural persons who purchase goods not for purposes related to their professional activity, trade or business), so it can not be exercised by legal persons and natural persons acting for purposes related to their professional activity. The costs of returning the product are borne by the customer.

Methods and timing for the exercise of the right of withdrawal

The Customer has the right to withdraw from the order placed, without having to provide any reason, within 14 days from the day you received the product ordered. The withdrawal period expires after 14 days from the day on which the customer or a third party other than the carrier designated by the customer acquires physical possession of the goods. Within this period, the customer must notify Birrificio di Buti of his intention to withdraw from the contract by one of the following means: by sending a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, fax or email, using the FORM at the bottom of this one, sending it to the following address/number:

  • Birrificio Artigianale di Buti - Via Danimarca, 3 - 56032 - Cascine di Buti - Pisa, Tel: +39 058 77 24 086, email: info@buti-shop.it

Within 3 (three) working days from the receipt of the withdrawal notice, Birrificio di Buti will send the Customer, to the email address indicated in the order or in the withdrawal request, the Return Authorization Number (NAR) that will identify the file. Within 14 (fourteen) days from receipt of the Return Authorization Number (NAR), the Customer shall, at his own care and expense, ship the product carefully packed, indicating on the packaging the Return Authorization Number (NAR) assigned by Birrificio di Buti, to the following address: Via Danimarca, 3 - 56032 - Cascine di Buti (PI). In the NAR communication email will be clearly indicated the address to which to send the products. The deadline will be considered respected if the Customer provides for the shipment of the product before the expiry of the period of 14 (fourteen) days. Methods and timing of refund to the Customer of the cost of the product and shipping costs Pursuant to article 56 of Legislative Decree 21/2014 LOR will refund all payments within 14 (fourteen) days from the date on which it became aware of the exercise of the right of withdrawal by the Customer, including delivery costs (with the exception of additional costs arising from the possible choice of a different type of delivery from the less expensive type of standard delivery offered by Birrificio di Buti); in any case the Customer shall not incur any costs as a consequence of such refund. Birrificio di Buti may withhold the refund until the Customer has received the product undamaged or until the Customer has proved that the goods have been returned, whichever occurs first. For purchases made with one of the following methods of payment:

  • bank transfer

Birrificio di Buti will proceed to the refund by bank transfer. For purchases made by credit card payment, the refund will be made by reversing the transaction directly to the credit card. For purchases made by PayPal payment the refund will be made by crediting the Customer's account. If the returned items show damage or signs of wear and tear resulting from handling that is not necessary to establish their nature, characteristics and functioning, we may withhold an amount corresponding to their reduced value from the refund.

Items returned because they are incorrect, damaged or defective

If you return an item because of an error on our part or because the item is damaged, defective or is not what you ordered, and could not be repaired or replaced, you will be refunded the cost of the item, the shipping costs incurred in receiving it and any costs incurred in returning it to us. Birrificio di Buti will check all items that have been returned as damaged or defective. If no defect is found, we reserve the right to charge you the shipping costs and the cost of the item itself.



Subject: Request for Withdrawal by order number ........... Sender: (Name, Address, Telephone number and Email of the person who placed the order)

I hereby inform you that, pursuant to Legislative Decree 206/05, I intend to withdraw from the contract in question. I will return the goods received to you at my expense and care, after having received the authorization number for withdrawal, in the manner I deem appropriate and in compliance with the provisions of the General Conditions of Sale and the relevant regulations,

Product: description ……………………………………………. number of pieces ……. price ……….

I would therefore ask you to repay the sum of EUR ……….

Best regards.

Signature ————————————————————————————————————————————————————

Legal Warranty

Pursuant to Legislative Decree 206/2005 ("Consumer Code") all products on sale on the site are covered by the Legal Warranty of 24 months. Under the 24-month Legal Warranty Birrificio di Buti is liable to the consumer (the natural person acting for purposes unrelated to the entrepreneurial, commercial, artisan or professional activity possibly carried out) for defects of conformity not found at the time of purchase. The conformity defect exists when the product is not suitable for the use for which it is normally intended, does not conform to the description or does not possess the qualities promised by the seller, does not offer the usual qualities and performance of a good of the same type, is not suitable for the particular use desired by the consumer if brought to the knowledge of the seller at the time of purchase and accepted by the seller (art. 129 of the Consumer Code). The lack of conformity that becomes apparent within 24 months from the date of purchase of the goods must be reported within 2 months from the date of discovery of the defect. Unless proved otherwise, it is presumed that defects of conformity which become apparent within 6 months from the date of delivery of the goods already existed on that date. In case of lack of conformity the consumer has the right to restore, without charge, the conformity of the goods by repair or replacement (art. 130 of the Consumer Code). Birrificio di Buti will remedy the quality defects within a reasonable period of time (subsequent execution) by eliminating the defect (repair) or by delivering goods free of defects (replacement). In the event of a subsequent non-performance or if this is not acceptable to the customer or is refused by Birrificio di Buti, or if it is not justified for any other reason, taking into account the interests of both parties, the customer shall be entitled, without limitation to legal rights, to terminate the contract or reduce the amount and, where applicable, to damages and reimbursement of expenses. However, there is no right to terminate the contract if the defect is purely insignificant in terms of quality. The consumer may, at his choice, ask the seller to repair the goods or to replace them, without charge in either case, unless the remedy sought is objectively impossible or excessively expensive compared to the other. Any repair or replacement must be completed by Birrificio di Buti within a reasonable period of time and without any significant inconvenience to the customer, taking into account the nature of the goods. The consumer may request an appropriate discount on the price or termination of the contract in the event: (a) repair or replacement is impossible or disproportionate; (b) Birrificio di Buti has not remedied within a reasonable period of time; or (c) Birrificio di Buti has not completed the remedy without significant inconvenience to the customer. It is understood that the customer does not have the right to request termination of the contract if the non-compliance is minimal. Birrificio di Buti will cease to be liable if the customer personally modifies the goods or has them modified by a third party without having obtained the consent of Birrificio di Buti, unless the customer proves that the quality defects in question were not caused either in whole or in part by such modification and that such modification does not make subsequent performance more difficult. Birrificio di Buti shall not be liable for quality defects resulting from normal wear and tear, external impacts or incorrect use. Time and method of exercising the Legal Warranty The Customer must send a written notice to Birrificio di Buti (for convenience it may be used for the following purposes “"Contact") or contact Birrificio di Buti by telephone on 058 77 24 086, indicating the fault of the product; wait for the Return Authorization Number (NAR) identifying the file that will be communicated by Birrificio di Buti; prepare the product for shipment by packing it carefully and enclosing all accessories, the instruction manual and everything originally contained in the product packaging; indicate on the packaging the Return Authorization Number (NAR) assigned by Birrificio di Buti. The carrier will contact the Customer to arrange for the collection of the product (the Customer's telephone unavailability will delay the collection of the product). After sales assistance For further assistance on the use of the products write to the following e-mail address: info@buti-shop.it Birrificio di Buti will remain the owner of the goods until the total payment of the amount due. In case the customer does not pay in full the amount due, Birrificio di Buti will have the right to terminate the contract once a reasonable additional period of time established for payment has elapsed without success. Upon termination, Birrificio di Buti will take back the goods and, as the case may be, may require the customer to transfer to Birrificio di Buti all rights to redeem the goods against third parties. Jurisdiction For the resolution of any civil disputes arising from the interpretation, execution and termination of this contract of sale at a distance, if the customer is a consumer (i.e. a natural person who buys products not for purposes related to his professional activity) the mandatory territorial jurisdiction is the judge of the place of residence or domicile of the consumer, if located in Italy (Art. 66-bis Legislative Decree 21/2014). If the customer is not a consumer the exclusive jurisdiction will be attributed to the Court of Pisa.

Dispute resolution

The European Commission provides an online dispute resolution tool at this link

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